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International events to be held in 2012 announced

In addition to training camps in the most favourable weather and terrain, Turkey offers you the chance to take part in challenging international events organised throughout 2012 in different parts of the country.

February 2012  - ANTALYA – O DAYS

This event will take you to the famous regions Side and Manavgat, with their interesting historical sites, and a unique chance of swimming and sunbathing in February!


23 February: Classical Distance
24 February: Sprint
25 February: Long Distance (WRE)
26 February: Middle Distance

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The Cappadocia Cup offers a very challenging terrain which may be termed a “stone forest” with its unique rock pillars.

Not only will the event offer a three day fulfilling orienteering, but will also give you the chance of sightseeing in this infamous region with its underground cities and ancient places of worship.

23 March: Sprint
24 March: Middle Distance
25 March: Middle Distance (WRE)

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September 2012 - SEEOC, SEEMOC, BURSA OPEN

Combined with the 2nd South Eastern European Orienteering Championships and the South Eastern European Masters Orienteering Championships, Bursa Open takes you to the heart of the thick pine forests of Bursa with 3 WRE’s in a row!

5 Sept.-  Model Event
6 Sept. - Sprint (WRE)
7 Sept. - Long Distance (WRE)
8 Sept. - Middle Distance (WRE)
9 Sept.  - Relay (SEEOC),
Middle Distance (SEEMOC),
Middle Distance (Bursa Open)

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November 2012 – Another unforgettable ist5days

This will be the 9th Istanbul 5 Days, the one and only o-event which takes place on two continents!


The event will take place on 31Oct- 4November, 2012
The details of the program will be announced

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